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Attending the Program
  • Find where and when you must attend class

  • See who should and should not attend class

  • Find how the judge will review your attendance 

  • Request an Interpreter (limited English proficient individuals or American Sign Language)

  • Review Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Rescheduling and Exemptions
  • Reschedule a future appointment

  • Relocate your class to a different island

  • Make up a class you missed

  • Request to be excused 

Legal Forms and Information
  • Access Request to be Excused form

  • Find out when you or family members attended Kids First

  • Look up your divorce case record

  • Purchase "The Purple Family" DVD

  • See this website`s Legal Disclaimers

Other Resources
  • Contact the Ho‘okele Family Center
  • Attend the Divorce Law in Hawai‘i program
  • Learn about the O‘ahu Family Court Access to Justice Room
  • Find other helpful resources outside of Hawai‘i

Locations and Contact Information
  • Find the address for your class
  • Find parking 
  • Contact the Kids First Program
  • Learn how to volunteer for Kids First O‘ahu

Reminder: Your class date is assigned by the court after you file your case. You cannot schedule your own class date.

  • You can only request to reschedule an already assigned date.

To apply to be excused from the program:

  • Submit a Request to be Excused form to the Legal Documents Clerk
  • Provide written proof (example: airline ticket receipt, military order)
  • You will receive a call from the ​Kids First staff indicating whether your request is approved or denied

All separating parents are required to attend the Kids First program. Rescheduling and exemptions are possible as outlined below. If you have any further questions, please contact the Kids First office at (808) 954-8280

Exemptions from attending

Kids First is a mandatory program for divorcing and/or separating families with children. Failure to attend may result in your case being delayed or denied pending  completion of the class.

There are few exemptions from attending the program; however, you may request to be excused if you:

  • Have attended a Kids First Hawai‘i class in the last two years

  • Live out of the State of Hawai‘i

  • Are moving out of state or deploying per military order before your scheduled class

  • Are incarcerated or reside in a residential treatment facility

Rescheduling your class

If you might miss your assigned Kids First class for any reason please call as early as possible to reschedule. Class availability is on a first come, first served basis.

  • To reschedule, call the Kids First office at (808) 954-828​0​​

Written documentation will be needed to reschedule if your reason involves moving out of Hawai‘i before your class.

If you missed your assigned class

  • Complete a new NOTICE TO ATTEND KIDS FIRST form and write "AMENDED" above the document title.

  • Submit the form to the Legal Documents clerk at either the Ka‘ahumanu Hale Honolulu Circuit Court or Ronald T.Y. Moon Kapolei Court Complex. The clerk will give you a new class date.

Kids First programs are available on neighbor islands

Kaua‘i, Maui and Hawai‘i Island also have divorce parent education programs. These programs offer the same services. Please call them directly to schedule your class:

  • Kaua‘i:     Kids First at (808) 482-2330 or 482-2350
  • Maui:       Kids First at (808) 244-2770
  • Hawai‘i:   Hilo - Children in Transition at (808) 961-7506
  • Hawai‘i:   Kona - Children First at (808) 961-7506

For additional information call the O‘ahu Kids First office (808) 954-8280.

  • You do not need to attend the Kids First program on the same island as the rest of your family

If you have a TRO, Protective Order or Stay-away Order in place

You need to reschedule to avoid violating the order. Written documentation is not needed in this case. Call the O‘ahu Kids First office (808) 954-8280 to reschedule.

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