To find the date you, your spouse or children attended Kids First

  • Go to the Ronald T.Y. Moon Kapolei Court Complex with a photo ID

  • Go to the File/Records Viewing Room (not the legal document windows)

  • Ask the clerk for your court file

  • The Kids First Notice will show the date of attendance

  • If there is no date stamped, the other parent did not attend

In March 2000, the Purple Family video received an Award of Excellence for outstanding external video from the Hawai‘i Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators.

Below you will find links to the Judiciary's Kids First forms and an order form to buy the Purple Family DVD. You will also find out how to access your Kids First information, as well as a link to the Ho‘ohiki Case Searching service to look up your case records.

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Purchase "The Purple Family" DVD

The Purple Family video was created for divorcing parents and their children and is a key part of the Kids First program. It provides insight on difficult issues that arise when separation occurs. In the video, all family members live in a world that is purple, a balanced mixture of red and blue. But as signs of separation appear, husband and wife and all surroundings turn distinctly red or blue.To purchase "The Purple Family" DVD, fill out the PURPLE FAMILY VIDEO/DVD ORDER FORM (PDF) and mail it, along with your check, to the Kids First O‘ahu office.

Legal Forms and Information

Access the filed Kids First Notice

Your court file will reflect if and when the other members of your family attended the program.

Look up your divorce case records

To look up your case record:

  • Go to the Ho‘ohiki website
  • Read the disclaimer
  • Proceed to "Ho‘ohiki Case Searching"
  • Enter your Case ID or your first and last name

Under Documents, you may see Notice to Attend Kids First entered and a date. This date tells you approximately when your class was scheduled. It does not tell you whether anyone attended. To do that you must obtain your court file (see below).

Download the Kids First forms

The following forms may be picked up at the Ka‘ahumanu Hale Honolulu Circuit Court, the Ronald T.Y. Moon Kapolei Court Complex or downloaded via the links below.

Notice to Attend Kids First forms

There are three different "Notice to Attend Kids First" forms. Please make sure you use the correct form for your case.

Request to be Excused form

This form must be supported with written documentation of your situation.

All completed forms must be handed in to the Legal Documents Clerk with all supporting documents.

Kids First Hawaii Oahu Homepage

Pages and Descriptions

Attending the Program
  • Find where and when you must attend class

  • See who should and should not attend class

  • Find how the judge will review your attendance 

  • Request an Interpreter (limited English proficient individuals or American Sign Language)

  • Review Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Rescheduling and Exemptions
  • Reschedule a future appointment

  • Relocate your class to a different island

  • Make up a class you missed

  • Request to be excused 

Legal Forms and Information
  • Access Request to be Excused form

  • Find out when you or family members attended Kids First

  • Look up your divorce case record

  • Purchase "The Purple Family" DVD

  • See this website`s Legal Disclaimers

Other Resources
  • Contact the Ho‘okele Family Center
  • Attend the Divorce Law in Hawai‘i program
  • Learn about the O‘ahu Family Court Access to Justice Room
  • Find other helpful resources outside of Hawai‘i

Locations and Contact Information
  • Find the address for your class
  • Find parking 
  • Contact the Kids First Program
  • Learn how to volunteer for Kids First O‘ahu